GTR Africa 2020

We’re now only one month away from GTR Africa 2020 hosted in Cape Town, South Africa on March 11-12!

GTR Africa 2020

Set to welcome over 400 delegates from across African trade and infrastructure finance, this year’s gathering will look past the many challenges faced to focus on some of the most exciting opportunities found in global trade today, debating key themes, sharing ideas and outlining potential solutions to long- standing problems faced. Join us at GTR Africa for your chance to be a part of the change, whilst enjoying the beautiful setting of Cape Town!


Imagine an Africa where… local African companies are able to move up the value chain

Failure to add value to raw commodities before they are exported to other parts of the world has proved an enduring problem for African markets in sectors such as agribusiness and mining as local processing facilities struggle to compete and create opportunities for employment. This session will consider what would be required to enable change.


The big question: Can Africa ever be free to trade?

Much has been made of the efforts by African countries to spurn protectionism and embrace intra-regional trade, with strong country uptake of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) going against the grain of markets such as China, Mexico, Turkey, India and most significantly the US. The session will also pose the question – what near-term opportunities can AfCFTA bring?


Has the dial moved sufficiently in the sustainability conversation?
Something of a watchword for the industry, banks and corporates are increasingly looking to incorporate sustainable processes across their operations. But what does that mean in real terms? This session will debate this topic from varying perspectives, also considering the extent to which African markets can be expected to lead on what is a global issue.


Classroom-style breakout: ‘Don’t give me problems, give me solutions’
In line with the more proactive tone to be struck this year, this stream will highlight and target a series of problems and issues within the market, outlining them before asking those presenting the problems to oversee audience-led groups considering how best to solve them. Following the breakout groups, experts will be asked to summarise findings and determine proposed future strategies for achieving growth.


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