When you think of Africa do any recent innovations in the market of mobile and internet technologies spring to mind? No, then you are mistaken! Kenya is quite close to becoming a new leader in this field and is creating The Silicon Savannah – an equivalent of American Silicon Valley. Why is this country an ideal place for this type of venture?
Developments in telecommunications are of course a great importance there – internet connections have become faster and more available and their price – lower. This has resulted in Kenya becoming a home of many start-ups and innovative mobile and internet projects. Kenyan politicians have also played their part by showing preferences to this particular type of business.

Konza Technopolis, another name for The Silicon Savannah, will be considered in the future as a centre for developing companies and will thus have to comply with all 21st standards. This hub of technological activity will provide almost 100,000 jobs by 2030. Furthermore, Konza has many ecological assets, an area that boasts an ultramodern design and self-sufficiency, as well as providing a lot of educational, sport and entertainment institutions all housed in one area.

The Kenyans are likely to succeed because their mobile applications have already gained popularity on the local market, and are more commonly used by people all over Africa. The most popular are BebaPay serving mobile payments for public transport, and also M-Pesa, operating cash transfers by mobile phone. These are only two examples of Kenyans success and how they started looking for a chance to be involved in as well as furthering mobile technology.

The Silicon Savannah Project, that is to be started in 2017, aims to improve the quality of life for the citizens of Kenya by trasforming employment markets, enhancing social infrastructure and securing good governance. It represents an ambitious vision of a modern, inclusive and sustainable Kenya. Konza offers probably the best location to do business in Africa and is one of the most sought after international commercial investment opportunities.