Africa is ready for Polish business


In spite of the fact that increasingly more Polish companies are springing up in Africa, there is still place for subsequent companies.   All you need to know is what to invest in – such a conclusion was reached by persons participating in the panels of the II Economic Cooperation Forum Africa – Central Europe.

The meeting was held on 8 May as part of the Katowice European Economic Congress. The congress was attended by representatives of governments, industry chambers, businessmen, ambassadors and consuls representing both Poland and  African countries.

– Thanks to the Go Africa program implemented, of which task is to rebuild relations with the continent, we can observe a growing interest in Polish companies in that direction – said Katarzyna Kacperczyk, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs for non-European policy, public diplomacy and economics. – Let the numbers speak. During our visit to the Congo we were accompanied by 13 entrepreneurs, in Ghana and Senegal 50, but only because there was a limited number of places.  We are strongly considering opening subsequent diplomatic representations.  I have in mind the DR Congo, Senegal and Tanzania.

The governments of these countries are also urging Polish companies to invest in Africa.

– In our country, you can create a company in one day. Sectors where we are in need of investments are mining, agriculture and communication – urged Essossimna Legzim-Balouki, the Togolese minister of trade and promotion of the private sector.

This does not mean, however, that there are no longer Polish businesses in Africa.

– We sell explosives in Nigeria – said Joseph Dulian, CEO NITROERG. – Presently, we are considering if it is worth producing on the spot.

It is important, however, before holding talks with African partners to get to know the local specifics.

– Africa is not a monolith; each country is different from the other – warned Philip Elżanowski from the Office of Elżanowski Cherka & Wasowski that also has an office in Senegal. – You need to get to know local specificity, a completely different law is law in force there, and the courts work in a different way.

All participants unanimously stressed that Africa is not a place for a one-time business; it is worth recommending a win-win strategy.

– Africa is a dynamically developing, and Poland has a role to play in it – remarked Ally-Khan Satchu, head of the Kenyan company Rich Management.

Jakub Ziębka