A new way of selling

Doing business with distant partners has never been so easy! With our
platform, you can easily, without going out from your office, present
a range of your products and solutions for entrepreneurs from distant

We offer innovative solutions to open up new sales markets.

Come to us with the idea for a webinar and we will deal with the
promotion and finding participants.

Training takes place in virtual rooms with the use of multimedia
materials of all kinds.

Are you interested in cooperation? Want to get more detailed information?

Call: +48 22 53 53 169, +48 91 88 69 603 or mail: business@inafrica24.com

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What is a Webinar?
How Does it Work?
What kinds of businesses use online meetings and webinars?

Answer: Both online meetings and webinars are useful for businesses of all sizes. Since more people are now requesting telecommuting and flexible working arrangements, they are especially useful for connecting a dispersed workforce. The main benefit of online meetings and webinars is that they remove the costs associated with arranging and attending traditional face-to-face meetings. Participants don’t have to travel anywhere and can attend their meeting/ webinar from the comfort of their desk or home. Venues don’t need to be booked, catering doesn’t need to be provided and attendees don’t have to find accommodation, for example. Small businesses with clients all over the country can introduce online meetings as a cost-cutting measure, perhaps even meeting with their clients more in return.


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