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  1. The online Business Events Directory featured on the website inAfrica24.com is designed for the presentation of events (conferences, trade fairs, forums, courses, etc.) organized by natural and legal persons, and Listings of their Businesses.
  2. Any illegal content is not permitted to be published and will be removed.
  3. A user must meet the technical requirements to the extent necessary to use the services provided by the Administrator, in the form of appropriate hardware, software, Internet connection, web browser, etc.
  4. Administrator of the service under the name of inAfrica24.com is InterVista Sp. z o.o., a company with limited liability, appearing at VAT number PL8513067166, with registered office at Cyfrowa 6, 71-441 Szczecin, Poland, e-mail address: business@inafrica24.com (the Administrator).
  5. Events and business listings in accordance with these Rules are displayed on inAfrica24.com after receiving the fee and accepted by a moderator.
  6. The fee for adding an event is 300 (three hundred) GBP. The entry will be displayed until the event terminates.
  7. The fee for adding a business to the Listings is 300(three hundred) GBP per year. Then a User may prolong the entry paying a next year fee or it will be deleted by the Administrator.
  8. The tax is included.
  9. Internet payments are operated by PayPal.


§ 2
Terms conclusion and termination of service contracts by electronic media
Rules of adding an event

  1. Event or business listing is available only to a registered user and can only be created through his individual account (the registered user or users). A new account can be created with a form available on the website inAfrica24.com.
  2. Creating a new account is free.
  3. A person adding an event, once a status registered user, must agree to the processing by the Administrator of the personal data for purposes of implementation and provision of services related to the use of the site. You must further acknowledge that the data is voluntary and that we have the right to access the data and correct them. You must acknowledge moreover that failing the required data, providing incomplete information or misleading in this respect makes the service invalid. The events are added to the system by the user referred to in the preceding sentence shall apply to § 3, point 5, where it is recognized that the adding is contrary to the rules.
  4. You must acknowledge that the listings before they are published, can be inspected for compliance with these rules.


Terms conclusion and termination of service contracts by electronic media
Special Provisions

  1. Administrator is not responsible for the content of information, opinions, notices and appeals made by persons using the service, including users. Information is made available to the public with the consent of the authors. We present only those events from entities that have full details of the system ( to the website ).
    The company is understood either as a legal person or as a natural person engaged in an economic activity. The administrator may request the user to provide evidence of data to be checked.
    The Administrator is authorized to temporarily suspend the notice or notices exposure, if requested by the data provide evidence of the purpose of verification, giving it the appropriate term. After the expiry of that period the Administrator is authorized to remove the events coming from such a user without any obligation to repay the cost of their entry ( activation ) and to remove such user’s account. In case of positive verification of the documents, an event shall be restored, and the exposure time is extended by a period equal to the temporary suspension. The Administrator is authorized to temporarily suspend the events exposures reported by other users as abuse until the clarification of doubts.
  2. Administrator reserves the right to remove a record added by the user breaking the law or encourage breaking the law,
  3. You must not copy, modify and distribute content created by others without their permission.
  4. Administrator reserves the right to remove the events that do not meet the requirements stated in this Regulation.
  5. Administrator reserves the right to remove added events for reasons other than those resulting from these regulations, including without giving reason. In case of the removal of an event for reasons other than those resulting from these regulations, the Administrator will contact you for a refund of the fee paid.
  6. If you remove an event inconsistent with these regulations, the Administrator shall not be obliged to reimburse the costs of entry.
  7. Administrator reserves the right to remove or refuse to post any announcement coming from a person who previously violated these rules. This also applies to situations in which a person who has previously violated these rules, the following announcement through the newly created account.
  8. The establishment of multiple accounts for a single user- without the consent of the Administrator is prohibited.
  9. Administrator is not responsible for the content and form of listing. The person adding the event assumes full responsibility for the violation of the rights of third parties, in particular consents to the disclosure of this data by inAfrica24.com authorized agencies of the State.



  1. For reservations concerning
    a/ failure of the Administrator’s services under these Regulations or
    b/ untimely or unreliable service by the Administrator under this Regulation, the Member is entitled to lodge a complaint via e-mail to the following address : business@inafrica24.com.
  2. A complaint will be dealt with within
    a/ 7 days – in the case of claims referred to in § 4 point 1 a/ and
    b/ 21 days – in the case of claims referred to in § 4 point 1 b/ .
  3. 3. If a claim is the responsibility of the Administrator, it shall be limited to the costs incurred by the User privilege notice, which is the subject of the complaint.


Final Provisions

  1. Administrator reserves the right to modify these terms. The amendment shall enter into force on the day of its publication, that the events published before changing regulations, the provisions in force previously.
  2. Law applicable to the relationship of these regulations is the law of Poland.
  3. This Regulation shall enter into force on 14 December 2015.


Regulations updated on November 06, 2018

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