Police Committee asks for Investigation and Review of South African Police Service (SAPS) Security at Parliament


Republic of South Africa: The Parliament
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The National Commissioner of Police will be called to Parliament to explain the lack of proper security measures at Parliament following the shooting incident earlier today.

The Chairperson of the Portfolio Committee, Mr Francois Beukman said the incident raises serious questions regarding police deployment at Parliament, the procedures in place and the general operational readiness of Saps members.

Mr Beukman said that Parliament is a national key-point and the incident highlights weak access control and security screening.

The Portfolio Committee is seriously concerned that the Saps management failed to ensure that proper security measures are in place at Parliament.

Mr Beukman said that the committee will call the National Commissioner to Parliament to account for these lapses.

Mr Beukman emphasised that the Saps should ensure that security measures at Parliament are at the same level as other Parliaments in the world.

Mr Beukman said he will write to the House Chairperson of Parliament, Mr Cedric Frolick to get permission to convene a meeting with the National Commissioner during the Parliamentary recess.

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September 14 (Friday), 2018 |

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