Justice and Correctional Services Committee rejects proposal to remove Public Protector


Republic of South Africa: The Parliament
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The Portfolio Committee on Justice and Correctional Services today rejected a request by the Democratic Alliance (DA) to expedite procedures to remove the Public Protector from office.

Committee Chairperson, Ms Madipoane Refiloe Moremadi Mothapo said the committee was initially briefed by the Chief Whip of the DA on the request followed by written responses from the Public Protector on the allegations made. The committee was also informed today that a similar process was instituted by the DA in the North-Gauteng High Court.

The majority of Members of the committee agreed that it would be premature to begin a parallel process to the court process. Ms Mothapo said: “The committee agreed on the proposal that it was premature to institute an investigation into the fitness of the Public Protector to hold office.”

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December 5 (Wednesday), 2018 |

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