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Agri SA is proud to announce its Board who have been elected at the 2018 Congress today. The Board is representative of the entire agricultural value chain, including Agri SA’s Provincial affiliates, commodity organisations and corporate members.

“The Presidency is an amazing privilege. I am responsible to the farmers and will remain faithful to Agri SA’s constitution and mandates,” said Dan Kriek, re-elected Agri SA President. “The past year has been a baptism of fire, particularly given the immense pressure farmers has been placed under from farm attacks, severe drought conditions, and the threat of expropriation without compensation (EWC).”

Dan is a stud farmer in the Free State and has been active in Agri SA structures for several years, having served as Free State Agriculture President and Agri SA Deputy President. This is his second term as Agri SA President.

The Agri SA Board for 2018/19 is:

Dan Kriek – President

Pierre Vercueil – Deputy president

Phenias Gumede – Deputy president

Cornie Swart – General Affairs Chamber representative

Doug Stern – General Affairs Chamber representative

Francois Wilken – General Affairs Chamber representative

Jaco Minnaar – Commodity Chamber representative

Niël Joubert – Commodity Chamber representative

SK Makinana – Commodity Chamber representative

Gerhard Diedericks – Corporate Chamber Representative

Rossouw Cillie – Corporate Chamber representative

Nic Bronkhorst – Corporate Chamber Representative

Dr Charlotte Nkuna – Independent Director

Dr Kathy Hurley – Independent Director

“I could not ask for a better Board to support me and Agri SA during these important times. We look forward to a productive year ahead!”

Distributed by APO Group on behalf of Agri SA.

Source: Nigeria

October 10 (Wednesday), 2018 |

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