Africa's first ever online Oil and Gas media company marks first year anniversary


At a recent event in Lagos to commemorate the anniversary of Africa’s first ever online Oil and Gas media company Upstreaminsider, Emeka Eke, founder and CEO said, “History was made a year ago when Africa’s first ever online Oil and Gas media company was born! For us it’s been a long and an exciting journey with potholes that has propelled and motivated us into becoming one of Africa’s most trusted and reliable sources for Oil and Gas news.

With a technology-based foundation, implementing a digital approach to our style of news dissemination has often seen Upstreaminsider – The Professional Network for Upstream Experts being described as an Oil and Gas media-tech company!”

Distributed by APO Group on behalf of Upstreaminsider.

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Emeka Eke

About Upstreaminsider:
Upstreaminsider (, the professional network for upstream experts, owned and operated by, Royalty Holdings, its parent company, observes trends in the oil markets and what they portend for the future of oil from an upstream point of view! These observations form the basis of an analysis by a think tank who make forecasts of the underlying causes and effects militating against the oil industry as well as proffer realistic and feasible solutions.

While we pride ourselves on being Africa’s truly first and perhaps only existing online Oil and Gas Media/PR company with a vast global network among industry giants globally, we have the privilege to operate within Nigeria, a global Oil & Gas hub with over 180 million people! A truly incredible market! With our combined overall experience of 65+ years in the global energy industry, we are very often perceived as O&G consultants making us Africa’s foremost energy experts.

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Source: Nigeria

October 20 (Friday), 2017 |

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