Internal Communications Conference 2019

The 7th Annual Internal Communications Conference 2019, which will be held on 28 March, is designed to give internal communications executives the space to think about the modern communications landscape and their place within it.

This international The IC Conference includes a mix of short presentations and discussions, with conversations about Gen Z from a leading author, exercises on mindful leadership and debates about growing a team. Our ambition is to create a space for IC Seniors to step away from the day to day and grab a bit of mind space.

With speakers lined up like the Katharina Auer, Clifford Chance’s Paul Osgood, the BBC’s Emily Kirwan and PepsiCo’s Jemima Bradbury-Wade, delegates will be hearing how we are likely to be affected by trends such as changing workforce demographics, the equalities agenda, sustainability and the continuing development of technology.

With its impeccable reputation, this truly international IC Conference draws senior level communication leaders from far and wide. It’s a perfect opportunity for delegates to engage with a diverse group of peers while still ensuring each attendee learns from the valuable knowledge and experience shared at the conference.

Reasons why you should attend:

  1. Case-study driven the high quality programme features truly influential Internal Comms leaders as speakers, and case-studies from leading, truly innovative organizations.
  2. Brief but informative sessions with substantial Q&A and discussion times crisp, yet rich sessions are very interactive, allowing speakers to be highly relevant by reflecting on delegates’ questions and interests accordingly.
  3. Diverse experience as well as case studies, interactive round-tables, and practical workshops are a perfect opportunity to dive deeper into the area of your interest and passion.
  4. Around 70-80 participants which is proven to be the optimal number to maximize networking opportunities and still keep the event comfortable and personal. The level of delegates is senior and very diverse from UK, Mainland Europe, USA, Middle East, Russia, Africa, etc.
  5. Not vendor driven this event is not a trade show with dozens of sponsors but a unique platform for top level IC practitioners designed to facilitate learning, networking and bench-marking.
  6. Exclusive Award reception usually enriched with some live entertainment, celebrating the excellent work of you and your peers, watch and enjoy our most inspiring African drumming experience from the latest award evening.
  7. Organizer at BOC we’ve been hosting high-level IC events for years and have an outstanding track record and excellent reputation among the IC and HR community.

For more information please contact:
Kat Eletskih
Event Director Tel.: +44 207 112 4846